Silently she touched my heart and opened the door to heaven.
I was blind and I could not see what joy was within.

I am sure we all can visualize an aerial view of the earth. Doesn´t something strike us ? There are no lines demarcating different countries and continents. It is only one piece of land we all share. But not in the real sense of the word. Gods heart must ache to see what has become of his children. We all talk of one God but we contradict our own statement when we discriminate. Hatred, materialism, racialism are some friuts of this discrimination and this is the biggest sin against God. The greatest insult we can ever inflict upon him. He who created us and in whose eyes we are all equal. We are like little flowers in his garden which he tends with love and care.

Selfrealization is the only way our souls can be set free. To know no limit of love. There is an ocean of joy and bliss that slowly unfolds within to lift us beyond all illusions. I received my self-realization 10 years ago. A decade has passed and it only seems like yesterday. I am very grateful to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for having found this method to unite the world in love by simply helping us know ourselves. In Sahaja Yoga all the religions, castes, creed and races merge to become what we were always destined to be The Children Of God.

I have experienced tremendous joy in sahaja yoga and I hope the same for you.
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Article written by Dr. Vedhu Krystufek, Austria