Testimony from Sahaja Yoga practice

Jay Shri Mataji!

Years before coming to Sahaja Yoga I had a strong feeling that I should practice meditation yoga, but I was very busy building my house.
2-3 years later in 1985 I came to Sahaja Yoga in a wonderful way. Two months before coming to Sahaja Yoga, I had a very strong dream or it was more like a calling, in awaken state.

"Come to the Mother. In the same time there was a suggestion that the mother was an Indian lady”.

This lasted for two weeks, 2- 3 times a day during for a few seconds and each time I asked, "How can I find her, I don’t know any place in India where I could go“.

And the message came again and again, I felt very hopeless that I cannot fullfil this calling. Then it stopped.
Two months later I went to the nearest city, and I saw a poster of a programme of Sahaja Yoga, hat this time I didn’t remember the calling, but instantly I felt I should go to this programme, (I never went to any spiritual meeting before).

During the whole programme I felt there is something special going on. Then I got my realisation, not knowing what it was, but I had a very good feeling and I was very happy.

Then in the followings programmes, listening to Shri Mataji´s speeches, I could feel that the new knowledge was important, so I continued to go to this programmes and I was feeling better and better, and after sometime I could feel the vibrations very clearly.

After coming to Sahaja Yoga, I slowly got all the answers to all the many questions I had in my life, directly and indirectly, I was so happy. My health improved, I got more confident in myself.

Only after coming to Sahaja Yoga I knew what it is to be free, I could see claerly the problems of our society, and be more concerned about it
The changes have to be made from inside of ourselves, than only we can change the world, that´s what a lot of seekers did´n find out until now. Also now I see a new future for our society, and I am confident that when a small percentage of people in the word would take to Sahaja Yoga this world would be a much better place to live in.

I am practicing Sahaja Yoga for 16 years now, never I can thank Shri Mataji enough for what She has done for me.
I wish that the whole mankind becomes aware of this great happening.

Hubert Stahl, Vienna, Austria
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