What the world needs now,

is the transformation of its human inhabitants. Look anywhere around the globe and you see strife, war, misery, exploitation of all kinds solely for personal gains be it emotional, financial or power-oriented and ruthlessness. Lack of Love and compassion everywhere and whats worse it begins in the families. There is little understanding, tolerance or respect between life-companians, children, parents and friends. Now to me it is very obvious that if the small cell of a family which is the foundation of any society is ailing in its fundamental structures, how can the rest of the constitutions of governments, religious organisations as well as others, function.

Our universe is based on the power of love its pillars are compassion, truth and attention!

The pillars of todays universe are hate, manipulation of all kinds and most of all materialism. The so called religions which should unify the peoples fight each other instead and that again for power and wealth. And whats more even those people who seem to have everything and pull the strings are most unhappy and often sick.

Small wonder that we have envionmental tragedies like earthquakes and floods as well as an enormous increase in fatal diseases. But instead of correcting those distructive ways of life people blame it on our creator. How often one hears the statement:" If there is a god, how can he let such things like war or envionmental disasters, where people suffer incessantly, happen"!

Well, maybe we need to rethink! God has given us humans our free will and we can decide for ourselves wether we want to be distructive or constructive. He has also, since times immemorial sent us incarnations and prophets who have tried hard to give us directions how to live and ensure our salvation. He has given us beautiful surroundings, like nature, flowers and trees of the most wonderful colours and shapes. He has given us mountains and forrests, lakes and oceans. He has given us plants, vegetables and animals to give us joy and to live on and with them in harmony. And above all he has given us our freedom! The question is:" How do we use it and what do we make of it?"

Now we have ones more the chance to transform ourselves a chance which we have never had before, because our creator the primeordeal mother has come again with all her powers and she enables us to receive our realisation and whats even more the one who has received it can pass it on to his fellow men. It is the Kundalini-energie which resides at the beginning of our spine and when awakend rises through our inner subtile system and repairs all our catches and disorders. Those inner chakras and channels which are responsible for all our mental, physical and emotional workings and which have been damaged through many lives not only in the present one, will come into balance and heal. We will learn to see, through this enlightenment our eyes will be opened and we no longer will live in the dark. We will recognise our mistakes and remedy them.

As a result we not only feel physically and mentally well, but we detect tendencies in us which harm ourselves, our fellow beings and our surroundings. And this is a living process, because we can feel the flow of vibrations after realisation above our fontanelle area and hands. And above all: " It does not cost a penny!" Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who has enabled us this present of self-realisation has once said: " Beware of all groups and organisations who charge money for divine work because God knows no money!"

I myself have been given realisation about 14 years ago and ever since everything in my life has improved immensly and steadily in every possible way. All one needs to do to keep this power of true love flowing is to medidate. It is the only way to save our world and to transform it into a place which has always been promised to us. A place of beauty joy and harmony for everyone. This is no romantic day-dream it is a fact and thousands of people have experienced it and work on it. If you are someone who is also interested in transformation, if you also want to make the world a better place to live in, than look out for Sahaja Yoga! All help and information at no cost you get there!

Article written by Patricia Arora, Austria.